The Mayor Pete Kennedy

The Mayor Pete Kennedy

Druuuuggggs make you duuuummmb (allegedly)!

Need evidence that drugs are for dumb people?  We can look just to the north to Toronto with the antics of Mayor Rob Ford, who first denied but now has admitted to doing crack while "extremely inebriated" (a perfect time of the day). He keeps digging a bigger hole for himself on a daily basis by just opening his mouth.  And those people in Toronto mocked us for our failed fast ferry?  At least none of our city leaders have admitted to being fools-in-charge.  Everyday that Mayor Ford remains in office is another day of humor for us and shame for our Canadian chums.

We have our own dumbies here in the wonderful USA.  You're looking at one in this mugshot from the Geneva Police Dept.  That's 29-year-old Orlando Copa-Alicea from that Ontario Co. city just down the Thruway.  Orlando was out on bail while awaiting trial scheduled to start next week for his October 2011 arrest when the GPD accused him of selling cocaine, a felony in this country (not sure if Toronto's Mayor will be charged with a felony).  The key part of that last sentence is that Orlando was free on bail awaiting trial NEXT WEEK.  Well, he's no longer free after being stopped in Geneva the other night by the GPD who have now charged him guessed it...the SAME offense of Criminal Sale of Cocaine, another felony!  Mr. Copa-Alicea now sits in the Ontario Co. Jail this weekend where my friends like Terry Cecere, Chris Romano and Scott Carter keep a watchful eye on this less-than-intelligent fellow (allegedly).

Now, don't you feel good about yourself?  Stay away from drugs and have a great weekend while awaiting the next episode of the Mayor Rob Ford Show to beamed down from TO......


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