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Rochester man convicted of murder, assault

Rochester man convicted of murder, assault

A Rochester man has been found guilty of murder and assault for shooting two brothers during a fight on Saxton Street.

The Monroe County District Attorney's Office said Charles Perkins was originally a bystander when some of his relatives chased down Robert and Devon Vinson and began beating them. But Perkins joined in the assault, then picked up a gun dropped by one of the attackers during the fight and shot both brothers at close range.

The brothers were attacked, apparently because they walked too close to a dice game while on their way home. D.A. Sandra Doorley said both men were minding their own business and called the act "senseless."

Robert Vinson died, and Devon Vinson survived with permanent injuries.

Perkins was found guilty by a Monroe County Court Jury. He'll be sentenced October 31st and faces 25-years-to-life in prison.


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