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Lollypop Farm's chickens come home to roost

Lollypop Farm's chickens come home to roost

Lollypop Farms needs homes for some feathered refugees: 80 hens rescued from a California cage farm that have arrived at the Human Society animal shelter in Fairport.

Lollypop Farm is one of nine shelters and sanctuaries helping find new homes for 3,000 white leghorn hens that were to be euthanized by the farm because they were past their egg-laying prime. The birds spent their lives up til now in small metal cages, unable to spread their wings or touch the ground. Their beaks have been trimmed to prevent them from fighting each other.

Humane societies in California took charge of them but couldn't find homes for them all. An anonymous donor paid to fly more than a thousand of the hens east on a charter flight. They arrived Thursday via the Elmira airport and a week of de-stressing at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen 

Lollypop Farm says they've already got homes for about half of their 80 birds. If you see a pet chicken in your future, contact them online.



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