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UPDATE: Layoffs Underway At Bausch and Lomb

UPDATE: Layoffs Underway At Bausch and Lomb

Rochester N.Y -- Layoffs are underway today at Bausch and Lomb.

New owner, Valeant Pharmaceutical, says the number is under 500. Though Mark Peterson with Greater Rochester Enterprise tells WHAM 1180 he expects more layoffs within the year.

Under state law, workers dismissed today will get at least 90 days severance.

The sale of B & L to Valeant was finalized today.

in a statement to WHAM 1180 Valeant says:

"We will be talking to employees today in various locations in the U.S. We have identified positions that are duplicative or will reside in a different location. Our goal is to treat departing employees with respect and we are honoring the severance plans in place at the separate companies."

Valeant recently informed B+L employees of plans to move the Bausch headquarters out of Rochester and to New Jersey. The $8.7 billion acquisition was announced this spring.



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