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Greece Democrats complain to elections board

Greece Democrats complain to elections board

Greece Democrats have sent a letter of complaint to the State Board of Elections, claiming three Republican candidates in last month's primary election failed to disclose some of their campaign funding.

Greece Democratic Committee head Dave Garretson said David Michael Barry, Gino Nitti and Rick Antelli failed to disclose that funding for some of their campaign expenses came from the Monroe County Republican Committee. The funding paid for yard signs, campaign fliers and similar materials. It's perfectly legal to pay for campaign literature with party money, but the law requires that it be reported on financial disclosure forms.

Garretson said that wasn't done, and that's at least a technical violation of State Election Law.

Garretson's Republican counterpart, Jerry Helfer, said he knows that the Monroe County Republican Committee did disclose the financial support it gave the Greece candidates directly to the state.  Helfer said the county GOP forwarded those numbers to the individual campaign treasurers who are responsible for filing the individual disclosure forms. Helfer said he has no direct knowledge of what the treasurers did with the information.


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