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Glitch found in Livingston County Conservative Primary

Glitch found in Livingston County Conservative Primary

Livingston County elections officials have found a serious glitch in yesterday's Conservative Party primary for sheriff.

Republicans Tom Doughherty and Jim Sczesniak were battling for the Conservative as well as the GOP lines on the November ballot. It appeared that Dougherty narrowly won the Republican primary, and Sczesniak won the Conservative line by a single vote.

But Livingston County Conservative Party Chairman Jason McGuire said that was before the Livingston County Board of Elections found they'd goofed. They mistakenly gave 59 Republican voters the Conservative Party ballot forms.

McGuire said they think they caught all the mistaken ballots. Now the question is, will a recount decide the issue.....will this end up in the courts.....or will there have to be a revote? McGuire said he's asking to meet with the Livingston County elections officials and the party's lawyers to figure out how where this goes next. He hopes they'll have an answer by Monday.

McGuire also wants to make sure proceedures are put in place so this never happens again.


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