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Cuomo defends Moreland Commission focus on legislature

Cuomo defends Moreland Commission focus on legislature

Governor Cuomo is defending the independence of the Moreland Commission.

In an interview on public radio's Capitol Pressroom, he said suggestions that the commission didn't investigate the executive branch are much ado about nothing.

Cuomo says there has not been rampant evidence of corruption in the governor's office, the comptroller's office or the attorney general's office. He says if there was evidence, the Legislature could use its own subpoena power to investigate. He went on to say New York's long run of corruption cases has involved lawmakers.

But state Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox points out that Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned in scandal...Governor David Paterson paid a hefty fine for an ethics violation involving World Series tickets...and Comptroller Alan Hevesi resigned in disgrace after a state investigation, all since 2006. And he also points out all three were Democrats.


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