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Council committee recommends moving forward on Charlotte Marina

Council committee recommends moving forward on Charlotte Marina

A city council committee recommends moving forward with the Charlotte Marina project...developing a new public marina next to the ferry terminal at the Port of Rochester.

Bids for the project were opened this week at City Hall. If the full city council approves on Tuesday, City Environmental Quality Manager Mark Gregor said the $20 million project could be underway in as little as 45 to 60 days. Gregor said the city's intent is to get site preparation and much of the heavy excavation for the deepwater marina finished before the winter freeze.

The council vote will also be to approve eight-point-four million dollars in borrowing to get the project started.

The 85-slip marina is just the first part of a plan for future development of the Genesee River and Lake Ontario waterfront in Charlotte. It will be surrounded by a park and a promenade that connects to Ontario Beach Park. The city wants to work with private developers to eventually bring a mixed use residential and commercial high-rise project next to the boat basin.

The same council committee decided to hold off on approving the next phase of the Midtown Rising project. Committee members had questions about the project's labor agreement they want answered before the full council gets the issue next week.

The delay won't hold up the project. Council is voting to approve a $3.7 million funding package for rebuilding the underground Midtown Garage. That work is starting early so it can be finished at the same time as the rest of the project.


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