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Alexander's "thoughts and energy" focused on his job in Georgia


Former Rochester Police Chief Cedric Alexander gave a non-committal answer when reporters in DeKalb County, Georgia asked if he's thinking about quitting his job and moving back to Rochester.

Speculation that Alexander could become Rochester's next chief is duplicated in the Atlanta area, where Alexander is Police Chief of DeKalb County, outside Atlanta.

Reporters there caught up with Chief Alexander on his way into a meeting with a community group and put the question to him face-to-face.

Tape of the brief interview from WSB-TV in Atlanta shows Alexander saying he's "aware of the...outcry there for me to come back and it's very humbling."  Then he says "I am chief of the DeKalb police department here, so all of my thoughts and energy are being placed right here in department."

Alexander's spokesman issued a statement saying exactly the same thing.

Alexander has only been on the job for eight months in DeKalb County. He was brought in to straighten out a troubled department and officials in that Georgia County say they don't want to see him go.

The buzz about Cedric Alexander started when Rochester Mayor-Elect Lovely Warren said she's interviewed two local and one out-of-town candidate for her police chief. Speculation immediately focused on Alexander, who has ties to Rochester and served as interim Rochester chief in 2005 after Robert Duffy was elected Mayor.


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